“In September of this year my wife and I went on a 12-day group tour in Brittany, France. Because some porters did not show up when needed, we had to transport lots of heavy baggage by hand over long distances and up flights of stairs. Four days after our return to Marblehead, the results of overexertion began to appear as a single sore muscle. In three more days they progressed to widespread back and neck pain, forcing me to sleep sitting up and walk with my face down. I then went to an urgent care facility, where I was prescribed a muscle relaxant. When there was no improvement over the next few days, I went to see Eliza Mellen-Smith for evaluation and possibly acupuncture treatment.

Eliza has three very pleasant and clean treatment rooms, as well as a bright and comfortable waiting room and office. She led me to one of the treatment rooms and spent some time examining my back and neck, and discussing with me the medical situation. She was quick to understand the situation and clear in explaining the options and probabilities that she foresaw. Her obvious empathy also was comforting. When I agreed with her recommendations, it was time for me to get into position on the treatment bed. But I just could not lie down on the bed, because of the pain. After about 20 minutes of experimentation, Eliza got me into a comfortable position partially sitting up, propped up with pillows. Then she inserted acupuncture needles in carefully selected places, and left me in place for about three quarters of an hour, after which she removed the needles. I noticed a small, but immediate improvement in my pain. This greatly encouraged me, because previously the pain had only worsened. Eliza helped me with several additional treatments over the next month, and I can now say that I am now generally very comfortable and pain-free, except that I don’t yet have full range of motion in my neck. It seems that I am on track to achieve full recovery during the next couple of months.

I have also received some osteopathic therapy from my PCP, who has a Doctor of Osteopathy degree, and I have consulted with an MD who is a Physiatrist. I am also on track to obtain some physical therapy. Eliza has been very comfortable with this multimodal approach, and has kept herself aware of the results in all areas. Also, all the professionals I have consulted have been very supportive of my obtaining acupuncture treatments from Eliza. I feel that Eliza’s treatments have contributed prominently to my recovery, and I plan to continue them as long as she recommends.

I would certainly recommend Eliza Mellen-Smith, Lic. Ac., Dipl.Ac., MAOM, to others for evaluation and treatment of a variety of conditions, particularly those similar to mine, involving back and neck pain. She is an intelligent, empathetic, knowledgeable, and responsible professional, who provides excellent advice and service.”

– Dr. Duncan B. Cox, Jr., Research Engineer

“I have been going to Eliza Mellen Smith for a little over a year. When I first went to see her it was at the insistence of my children. I was being treated for Rheumatoid Arthritis. The medicine I was on was no longer doing the trick and my doctor wanted to try steroids to see if I responded. The thought of that was enough to get me to listen to my children, so I called Eliza.

After my first appointment, I was feeling so much better that I was in shock. I continued to go to see her and I must say I have never regretted my decision. At every appointment, she sits down with me to see how I am and what needs to be treated. She never makes me feel rushed or silly for complaining about what is bothering me.

Recently, I took some time to think about the treatment I have gotten from Eliza, and I suddenly realized that some of the aches and pains I have been treated for are gone. When I first went to see her, my neck was so sore that I could hardly turn it at times. I very rarely have pain in my neck anymore. She treated an old injury that I had that made it virtually impossible to sleep on my right side and, now, it is pretty much gone too.

I am so happy with the treatment I get from Eliza that I recommend her to anyone who even remotely needs her help. I carry her cards in my bag and give them out to anyone who asks. She is very good at what she does. She cares about her patients, and she is one of the nicest people I know.

If my words aren’t enough to convince you to go to see Eliza, maybe this will. I not only never went on steroids; I no longer take the medicine that I was on for over two years. The doctors now think most of my pain is from Fibromyalgia. Needless to say, I get my treatment for that from Eliza, not from them. The more I can remain drug free, the better I think I will be and, with Eliza’s help, that should be for some time.”

-Susan Teheen

“I have been seeing Eliza for many years for treatment on a variety of medical issues. In addition to being a skilled practitioner, Eliza is a kind and compassionate person, wise beyond her years, who was a vital source of support and guidance for me during a period of profound personal crisis. I would recommend her without reservation.”

– Joe Baillie, M.Ed. Psychotherapist

“I initially sought out acupuncture treatment to address some women’s health issues – specifically recurring yeast infections (every month). I had been to a number of gynecologists and specialists and no one could give me an answer. For three years I was told they didn’t know why this was happening. Instead they gave me prescriptions and suggested I wear loose pants. One doctor even said “This is just how you are”. I was so tired of being uncomfortable and was determined to find a way to get at the root of the problem and not just cover it up with creams or pills. That’s when I found Eliza. In our very first meeting, after a very complete intake evaluation, she told me what I had been longing to hear. She gave me a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and told me she could treat me. Finally, I made sense to someone and my relief and excitement was great! When we began treatment Eliza was both optimistic that we would get results and honest that they wouldn’t be immediate. Slowly but surely we made progress and I haven’t had a yeast infection in over 2 years! Eliza is very present, nurturing, and attentive in her practice. Combined with her skill set and knowledge, this created an environment in which I felt comfortable and well cared for. I am so appreciative of her work and highly recommend her as an acupuncturist.”

-Leah Bokenkamp, Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor

“Where do I begin? I started seeing Eliza for neck pain, which Eliza helped me see that it was linked to so many other ailments in my body: Insomnia, TMJ, endometriosis. My menstrual cramps were so bad that I would end up vomiting so much that I would be dehydrated and end up in the hospital. I missed an average of 3 work days a month. The only solution I was given by conventional Doctors was to put me on the pill for the rest of my life. Since I have been seeing Eliza, I have been able to get off the Pill. I have been able to stay off for three years, without the return of my previous symptoms and without missing work because of my menstrual cramps/ Endometriosis.

I work at a school and I used to get sick al the time- I’d get strep, the flu, stomach bugs all the regular stuff you get exposed to in schools. I rarely get sick anymore. Just a cold every once in a while. I didn’t even need a flu shot this year. Eliza has also helped me with nutritional counseling, supplements and vitamins, and has changed my way of taking care of myself so I am able to stay healthy and maintain it.

I would highly recommend Eliza- she is a good listener, and is intuitive: she seems to know what is going on in my body without me even having to tell her what is going on.”

– Stephanie A., Marblehead, MA. Middle School Principal

“After 6 years of being sub-clinical hyperthyroid, my endocrinologist mentioned ‘nuking’ my thyroid to extinction and placing me on synthetic hormone for life. I decided to explore alternative options, which led me to acupuncture. After about 4-6 months of treatment, my thyroid was balanced and remains so 4 years later.
In the past, I also had frequent sinus infections, treated with many courses of antibiotics, sometimes for a month or so straight. Since I started getting acupuncture treatment’s with Eliza, I have not had any sinus infections. I also have used acupuncture to treat my gall bladder (sometimes sluggish), my aching knees, and other aches and pains as they have come up. All of these issues have resolved successfully thanks to Acupuncture. As a result of treatment (and during) I feel more relaxed and at peace, and sleep wonderfully at night!! I will always include acupuncture in all health treatment plans to come.”

-Kathleen Daley

“I spent 3 years going to every doctor imaginable for fertility. 4 IVF cycles later and noone knew what was wrong; all they knew was I couldn’t get pregnant. Someone suggested I go to acupuncture, and I asked around and heard Eliza was the best fertility Acupuncturist around. They weren’t kidding! Not only is her space beautiful and peaceful, but she is full of knowledge and information and TRULY cares about you. After 6 month of regular Acupuncture treatments where we fixed my periods and made them less painful. I now have no more PMS and am regular, and I have never felt healthier and more content. Once my body was in balance, I got pregnant and I am so happy to say we had a beautiful baby boy! I honestly believe that if I hadn’t done acupuncture, I would still be struggling with my health and fertility. When we decide to have our next child, Eliza is the first person I will call!”

-Marie B. Salem, MA, Happy Mom

I have struggled with Anxiety for years and finally decided to try Acupuncture. Eliza helped me immensely. After 3 treatments I started to notice a change and then as I continued, I started to really get my life back. I am off my anti anxiety meds and I really feel like a new person. I only wish I had found her years ago.

-Beth R. Gloucester, MA, Artist

Eliza performed miracles for me. Ever since I was a teenager, I have had migraines. Every couple of weeks I would be down for the count for 1-3 days with pain, sometimes vomiting. Let me tell you something, having to hide out in a dark room for days a month is no way to live. I tried every med under the sun, and nothing seemed to touch it. I was in the service and had to be medically discharged. Then I found acupuncture and Eliza. In less than three months, I was down to a mild headache, that I could control with ibuprofen, and the nausea was gone. After 4, I was getting the aura but no migraine. After 6 months of treatment, I had no sign of headaches and was able to switch to maintenance treatments. That was three years ago, and I haven’t had a headache since. I’m not religious, but that seemed pretty miraculous. If you have headaches, call Eliza. You won’t regret it.

-Jake McLaughlin, Beverly, MA

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