Liver Detox

Liver Detoxification Protocol

On the Chinese medical front, Liver excess profoundly affects not only the blood but the spleen –pancreas and stomach functions by invading these digestive organs (the liver overacts in the spleen, or in 5 element theory, earth is penetrated by wood.) Thereby causing abdominal inflammations, ulcers, gas, diabetes, and general discomfort and indigestion. Since the spleen-pancreas directly influences the intestines, inflammatory conditions such as colitis and enteritis can be traced to liver overload in people.When you have a liver overload you may be unable to tolerate normal amounts of dietary protein because the taxed liver is less able to detoxify ammonia, a major product of protein digestion. Ammonia toxicity contributes to PSE. The amount of protein that can be tolerated by people with taxed livers varies considerably.

More Importantly:

Regardless of diet, emotions when unexpressed greatly damage liver function. Unresolved emotional issues are stored physically as residues of excess in the liver while emotional clarification unlocks and releases these residues.

Therefore as the diet improves, it is necessary to liberate emotional obstructions. Any of various awareness methods can help. Practices which cut through emotional obstructions also apply here. If such work is avoided or neglected, these emotions unexpressed and unworked can cripple even the most sound diet.

Day 1. Stop all vitamins and herbs, alcohol, snacks, sweets, OTC remedies etc …Continue this through the end of this cleanse.

Gallbladder/Liver flush-Beginning in the morning and throughout the day, eat only apples, organic, as many as desired, but at least 4 or 5. Green apples are best. Water, herbal tea (chamomile and/or cleavers) and apple juice (all organic) may also be taken. At bed-time, warm 2/3 cup of extra virgin olive oil to body temp and mix in 1/3 cup of fresh lemon juice. Slowly sip entire mixture (if possible, otherwise take as a shot), and then immediately go to bed, lying on the right side, with the right leg drawn up. In the morning you should pass some stones in your stool, or at least sediment. This cleansing reduces excess of the liver and may result in some funky colors in your stool.

Day 2. Diet to reduce excesses of the liver: 3 days

1. Unrefined organic apple cider vinegar and honey of the same ilk 1 teaspoon of each first thing in the AM in a cup of room temp water.
2. Bupleureum
3. Bitter foods: rye, romaine lettuce, dandelion greens, asparagus, amaranth, quinoa, alfalfa, radish leaves, citrus peel.

Day 5. Next we add foods to detoxify and cool: 3 days

1. mung beans and their sprouts, celery, watercress, seaweeds particularly kelp, lettuce, cucumber, tofu, millet, plums, mushrooms, rhubarb stem, radish.
2. Fresh cold pressed flax seed oil or evening primrose or borage. Aloe vera gel will tonify kd yin as well.

Day 7. Finally, add foods which accelerate liver rejuvenation:

1. Chloryphyll rich foods, cereal grasses and their products such as: wheat and barley grass powders.
2. Micro algae such as spirulina,chlorella and wild bluegreen algae. (only 1x per day, as they can be too dampening)
3. Parsley, kale, collards

Day 9.
1.Start introducing small portion of goats milk in AM
2. For dinner prepare a congee (porridge) of spirulina, whitefish(ie flounder, cod, haddock) and brown rice. Make sure it is moist and warm when you eat it. Eat a normal portion.

Day 10.
Prepare a soup with beef or sheep liver, NOT chicken. You may add rice and any of the above veggies from day 5 onward.

Day 11.
1. Slowly re-introduce your normal diet trying to restrict to only the veggies from day 5 onward until things feel normal.
2. Do not add alcohol or any intoxicants back for 1 month from this day and see what you notice in your system when you do.
3. Continue to have one helping per day of the fish congee or the soup for 1 week from this day.